måndag 28 september 2009

Rituals + JBD -- Stuck between a killer and a hard place!

When I finally decided it was to be a memorable movie, I subsequently got hold of the MediaBlasters' edition of the apparently quite disremembered little slasher/survival/wilderness flick Just Before Dawn. Lo and behold, I found it was not just fairly good -- it was great! A masterpiece of excellent directing, good characters and acting, and above all with an extraordinarily beautiful scenery as a contrast to the nastiness that's going on both on and off screen.

So, what did my friend and brother tell me to do then? He told me that what I did was good, but that I had to see another film, too -- "Make haste to see Rituals (1977)!"

And so I did. Not in that a haste, mind you... But now I've seen this piece, also. And found that it was not good, but perhaps as good as Just Before Dawn -- I'll be damned if I know how it happened.

Hail to the King Holbrook! The meanest and toughest upper class doctor between the desert and a hard place.

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