onsdag 25 november 2009

Paperbacks in "Good Condition or Better"...

I had a few SEK left after my last dentist appointment so I spent it on wine and women... Ahem, truthfully... I spent it on three second hand paperback books that I ordered from English "Awesome Books" through Play.com. Shall I tell you which ones? First, my first Stephen King novel ever read: The Eyes of the Dragon (1987) -- a hardcover that my mother was going to send back in late 1988. Then, of course, the classic novel of a man who wakes up from a coma: The Dead Zone (1979). And last, a vintage novel by the famed British teller of ghosts James Herbert -- Since re-reading his Haunted, I figured it was about time to try another one of his more famed, earlier novels: The choice finally fell on The Dark (1980). Why? Because when reading Ramsey Campbell's The Hungry Moon it was said to have been intitally influensed by this James Herbert novel... These books and a few others makes it a year end's cramming to look forward to. Wouldn't you agree?

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