måndag 16 november 2009

Head Above Water While Trying To Keep Myself From Drying Out...

Just when I thought I was going to be ready for some newly delivered films on DVD to lighten up my sombre state of mind ... It is not to be! First, I forgot I had to pay this quarter's student loan; second, I must pay the car taxes and the day care bill; and third, my dentist discovered this huge cavity in my right upper molar that has to be dealt with right away (if I'm lucky I don't have to root fill...).

Hopefully, after some token Christmas shopping, another paid rent and finally some personal installments on the mortgage of our little cabin, I'll be able to get some freshly new discs in the player, before long... Just hope my senses will lift and change colours a few times so I will find it worthwile keeping in touch with you nice folks, wouldn't it be nice...? ;-)

4 kommentarer:

  1. I had a rush on Play.com and bought a shitload of used books this month... Innocent blood, Hymn, Night warriors and Death trance by Graham Masterton and Darker and Nailed by the heart by Simon Clark. yum yum. :)

  2. That's a shitload of damn good books too. Enjoy!I have them all in my collection: Death Trance is the best of your chosen Mastertons... Nailed was my first Clark (later I was reminded of Shockwaves...)and Darker quite moody and atmospheric. Unfortunately I've forgotten so much; so I have a few years to re-read everyting ;-)

  3. Upp med hakan. Det kommer alltid en ljusning. CSN är djävulens påfund. Jag var jätteglad när (den magra) lönen kom innan jag kom på... shit! CSN ska betalas också. I feel ya.

  4. Looks like me in the morning ,,wonder why my girlfriend left me ?

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