måndag 19 oktober 2009

The Ruins of Characterization! -- Sarah Pinborough's FEEDING GROUND

To my utter surprise, I recently found out the title of Ms Sarah Pinborough's latest novel: Feeding Ground (2009); and 'let there be light' how I'd love to read yet another Pinborough paperback. Why is that? Haven't I already told you that she's going downhill? Yes, but you see: Feeding Ground is supposed to be, as it were, a sequel to the ultra entertaining second book of hers: Breeding Ground (2006) -- an apocalyptic story about how monster spiders incubate in all women to later feed on all what's remaining... Yes, I assume you got that little gender angle right there too, if you're interested... Anyhow, it's plain entertainment, gore and not-so-fun creepy white arachnids also, and that's all that matters to me.

So, I grabbed Feeding Ground with great anticipation that it would be another tight horror thriller filled with chills and gore galore... But alas, poor Yorrick! Though I have a few chapters left (for a final exploding showdown, dare I hope?) I find that the highly promising composition with a bunch of young drug lords with their prostitutes turning into failed, drug addicted spider junkies has come seriously to a standstill, due to too much dialogue and failed characterization attempts. What was supposed to be an entertaining romp has become quite a bore, in fact, except for an occasional spider attack and a few cocoonings and such. But this is not enough! Get yourself together now Ms Pinborough. Consider what made you such a big time player with your first couple of novels -- The Hidden, Breeding Ground and, why not, The Taken -- and forget about trying to weave complex but forgettable characters in plots that're supposed to be fast paced, horrific and entertaining. Enough said!

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